Social Conditioning

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How come we are who we are?

How come our first knowledge as humans is dependent on our nuclear family:

Our Father, mother, and siblings?

My understanding of breaking the glass ceiling as a girl was limited by my home.

Today, I find myself at…

Let Me Rant! Is Social Development In Northern Nigeria Really What It Meant To Be?

We all understand that the major humanitarian need in Nigeria resides in the North. The region represents the major negative data or explanation of Nigeria's social and economic conditions: highest rate out of school children…

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

“Journey,” as a word somewhat sounds cliche. It could mean anything considering the situation. In this case, “journey” means a part that leads to motherhood and parenting. This journey is the pregnancy journey.

Pregnancy comes with various changes and experiences. Varying from swollen legs, chubby look, bleeding, heartburn, indigestion, dizziness…

Oluwafisayo Ogundoro

I love to explore social and lifestyle issues. At the moment, I think I do more of gender issues.

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